In Leander ISD we are working to transform students’ learning experiences to achieve our vision that all students will graduate with every option open. Leander Mobile Learning Initiative (mLISD) will support the vision outlined in our Graduate Profile that "Leander ISD students are well prepared to enrich our world and excel in a global society" and that "each student is challenged, encouraged, and supported to achieve the highest level of knowledge, skills, and character" in a digital world.   

Through the implementation of mLISD, students will have increased opportunities to engage in gathering new knowledge and skills, building meaning and sharing what they have learned in meaningful and innovative ways.   In order to support each student, our goal is to provide students with increased access to digital content, resources and devices to support anytime/ anywhere learning. Leander Mobile Learning Initiative (mLISD) has been specifically created to make the best use of our resources in order to support student engagement in learning and the principles found in the LISD Vision, Graduate Profile, Student Learning Model, Ethical Principles and Student Learning Behaviors.