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Q:    Parents ask me what the fee would be if the laptop is lost or stolen.  Some ask about accessories, too.  What can I                 tell them about replacement costs?  Who determines the fines?
A:    Check with your assistant principal or campus tech to inquire about who assesses the fines for devices.  For more information regarding fines             see the  mLISD Fine Schedule

Q:      What budget codes should bookkeepers use for devices?  Are there special procedures to follow?
A:       Lenovo:  196-00-5737-00-XXX-700-000    Fine:  196-00-5749-00-000-700-000  
           Send back-up and copy of deposit slip to Financial Services.  

Q:      Who should I contact if I can't see what I need to see in Destiny (fines, laptops checked out)?  
A:       Contact Colleen Byrne, x10563.  She can check the status of your Destiny account.

Q:      How long does it take to see the student has paid?
A:                          Paid/UnPaid Reports: Reports on LNet are updated once every hour 
                              Destiny:  It takes 24 hours for paid student to appear in Destiny

Q:      I have a new student and they are not showing up in EdPay so parents can't pay or I can't submit a cash transaction.           How long does it take for the students to show up in EdPay?
A:       Generally, once the student is registered it takes about 24-48 hours to appear in EdPay.