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Acceptable forms of payment include cash, money order, or credit card.  

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Refund Requests
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Fines/Lost Stolen Device Procedures

Destiny Link

Pay Fine ONLY Link

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Fines Process -Bookkeeper/Campus Tech/Librarian 

Lost-Stolen Procedures -Student Process
The form on this document is a SAMPLE from one campus.  
If you use it, please make sure to make a copy and link to your
Google Sheet.

Fee Table

Fine Form  (to be filled out by campus tech or librarian)
Please note:  This form has been changed to read Laptop-Not Turned In instead of lost/stolen.  Someone needs to have conversation with parent to find out why laptop wasn't turned in.  If student just does not want to turn it in the fine is $508. For a first offense,  if the student lost the device the cost is 1/2 of that; if the device is stolen there is not cost if a police report was filed within 5 days of it being stolen.

Parent/Student Acceptance Form


mLISD Student & Parent Handbook