Mary Bauer, Attendance Clerk
Attendance Office:  512-570-2212
Fax:  512-570-2204

Regular attendance is the single most important factor in student success at New Hope.

Students are expected to arrive at school at the time scheduled for them and work at school their assigned number of hours each day school is in session.  Arriving late or leaving early are partial day absences. Students who miss days or parts of days of school are required to make up missed attendance hours.  

Absences should be coordinated in advance whenever possible and documentation verifying the reasons for absence must be received by the school within 48 hours of a student's return to school. Absence notes should contain the student's name, ID number, date(s) of absence, reason for absence, parent/guardian signature and phone number.

When students miss school for unexpected reasons, they are expected to call the Attendance Office before their scheduled time to explain their absence each day they are absent.

Students needing to leave early must bring a signed note to the Attendance Office.  The note must be from a parent/guardian stating the time the student will be leaving, reason and whether it is parent pick-up or if a student is driving him/herself. The note must include the parent's signature and phone number.


Request VOE/TEA forms from the Attendance Office.  Absences can affect eligibility for a VOE/TEA form.