Latin Club

ubi concordia, ibi victoria
Where there is unity, there is victory,
Roman Proverb

Welcome to Latin Club!  We meet Wednesday afternoons in Magistra Cowhig's room (2221). 
Novice Certamen meets on Thursday afternoons.

We are selling local goods and produce from Farmraiser!
You can also donate to the club directly or to a local food bank.
Members: set up your account (Champion Registration) with the code 633838

Consul/President: Nate S. (Latin 4 AP)
Aedile/Vice-President: Zoey V. (Latin 3 Pre-AP)
Quaestor/Treasurer: Becky K (Latin 2 Pre-AP)
Scriba/Scribe: Bryant J. (Latin 2)
Historicus/Historian: Mike N. (Latin 4 AP)

Important Dates
Jan 14th: Rouse Certamen Tournament (Rouse High School, Leander)
Feb 24-25: Junior Classical League Area Competition (Westwood High School)
March 31-April 1: TSJCL Competition (O'Connor High School, San Antonio, Texas)

Practice JCL Tests