Welcome to Latin!

Welcome to Latin at Rouse High School and Glenn High School!  I am excited about facilitating your journey of this amazing language with the ancient Romans!

My schedule
  A Days: GHS 
  B Days: RHS     
 8:40-10:02 Latin 1 8:40-10:02 Latin 1
 10:08-11:28 Latin 1
 10:08-11:30 Latin 2/Latin 2 Pre-AP
  11:36-12:15 CAVE 11:36-12:15 Advocate
  12:18-2:18        (Lunch)    Latin 4 AP
 (B lunch)
 12:22-2:17 Latin 3 Pre-AP/Latin 4AP
 (A lunch)
 2:22-3:45 Conference  2:23-3:45 PLC           

Tutoring:  I am available for tutoring Monday and Wednesday mornings, and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  
If these times do not work for you, please speak with me and I will be more than happy to arrange an alternate time that works for both parties.

Ego et optimi amici, Imperator Augustus et uxor sua Livia.
Myself and my best friends, Emperor Augustus and his wife Livia.