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CK-12 Simulation Page Here

The Physics Aviary online simulations here  (in HTML5)

 Four) Practice with Instant Feedback

Five) Online Textbook--CK-12

Open access online textbook on Physics content.  Loads in English, but other languages can be selected.  For other languages, use the link, then go to the bottom of the page & select "languages".

 Unit 1: Scientific Method and Measurement (including significant figures)

TEKS 2E, 2H, 2I, 2J, 2K, 3F

 Physics Tutorial: Significant Figures State of TX Resources:

Scientific Notation

Scientific Reasoning

Data Analysis


Data Organization  

Significant Figures

Dimensional Analysis

Experimental Design

Drawing Conclusions  

Curve Fitting
Measurement/SigFig Practice  Intro to Science

Unit 2: Kinematics

TEKS 2L, 4A, 4B, 4F

1 Dimensional Kinematics

Graphs of Motion Be sure you do both pages!

Motion   (Intro--State of TX)

Moving Man
Maze Game
 1 Dimensional Kinematics Kinematics

 Unit 3: Vectors & Two Dimensional Motion

TEKS 4A,4C,4F,1A,2H,2L, 3F

 Motion: Vectors & Forces in 2 Dimensions  

Vectors  Be sure you do all 3 screens!

Projectile Motion  (State of TX)

Analyzing 2 Dimensional Motion--Projectiles (State of TX)

Vector Addition
Projectile Motion
Ladybug Motion
Motion in 2D

Projectile Motion #2

 Vectors & Projectiles Vectors & 2 Dimensional Motion

 Unit 4: Forces & Laws of Motion


 Newton's Laws  
 Newton's Laws

 Newton's Laws   (State of TX)

Newton's 1st Law (State of TX)
Newton's 3rd Law (State of TX)
Forces and Motion
Forces in 1D

Net Force Object on a Ramp
 Newton's Laws Newton's Laws  &


 Unit 5: Circular & Gravitational Motion

TEKS 4C, 5A, 5B

  Circular & Satellite Motion Analyzing 2 Dimensional Motion--Circular Motion (State of TX)
 Ladybug Revolution
Gravity & Orbits
Gravity Force Lab
  Circular & Satellite Motion 
Circular & Gravitational Motion

 Unit  8: Momentum & Collisions


 Momentum & Its Conservation

 Momentum/Conservation of Momentum  (State of TX)

Video:  Physics of Football-Momentum  Open "Related Items" at the bottom of the page.
  1 D Momentum & Collisions

Momentum & Collisions 

 Momentum & Collisions

Momentum & Collisions

 Units 6 & 7: Work, Power, Energy, Thermodynamics

TEKS 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D, 6E, 6F, 6G

 Work, Energy, Power

  Work-EnergyTheorum (State of TX)

Kinetic & Potential Energy (State of TX)

 Power (State of TX)

 Work, Energy, Power 

  Another view on Work 

The Ramp
Energy Skate Park
 Work, Energy, Power, Thermodynamics 
Work, Power, & Energy

 Unit 11:  Electricity & Magnetism

TEKS 5A, 5C, 5D, 5E,5F, 5G

 Static Electricity
Current Electricity
 Circuits  Be sure to do all of the pages.

 Electricity  Be sure to do all of the pages.

 Electricity Be sure to do all pages listed on the column on the right.  Choose each page.

Electromagnetism (State of TX)

 Electric Field Hockey
Faraday's E & M
Circuit Kit
Magnets & Electromagnets
Ohm's Law
Resistance in a Wire
 Static Electricity
Current Electricity

Electric Potential

Current  Electricity 



 Unit 9: Waves & Sound

TEKS 7A, 7B, 7C, 7D,  7F

Sound Waves & Music

  Waves--Oscillation (State of TX)

 Waves  Be sure to do both pages

 Doppler Effect  (State of TX)

 Medical & Industrial Applications of Waves    (State of TX)

Wave Interference
Masses & Springs
Waves on a String

Sound Waves & Music
 Periodic Motion

Waves & Sound

 Unit 10:  Light & Optics

TEKS 7A, 7B, 7C, 7D, 7E, 7F

 Light Waves & Color
Reflection & Light Rays
Refraction & Light Rays
Light  Be sure to do all pages listed on the column on the right.  Choose each page.

Light -Reflection & Refraction  (State of TX)

 Properties of Light  Be sure to do both pages
Bending Light
Geometric Optics
Color Vision

 Light Waves & Color
Reflection & Light Rays
Refraction & Light Rays
Light & Optics  Intro

Light & Optics Second Chapter
 Unit 12: Modern Physics & Nuclear Science

TEKS 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D, 5A, 5H
 The Dual Nature of Light
and Quanta
The Nucleus for Physics Students
 Modern Physics Be sure to do all pages listed on the column on the right.  Choose each page.

Dual Nature of Light Version 1
 Dual Nature of Light  Be sure to do the first 2 pages.
 Radioactivity Be sure to do both pages.

Nuclear Fission
Light Emission & Lasers
Photoelectric Effect
Quantum Wave...
 Review and Practice Questions 
Quantum Properties of Light

Modern Physics

 Nuclear Physics


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