Welcome to AP World History!

Mrs. JP's Remind for WHAP 2016-2017: Text @2ffdhd to 81010

Teacher: Ms. Johnson-Petrinec

Phone: (512) 570-1000 ext. 41125

Email: mara.johnson-petrinec@leanderisd.org

Tutoring (subject to change)

PRIDE Time: Mon/Wed only

B-day: 8:00-8:30 am; afterschool by appt.


Ø  3-ring binder (3” is preferable)

Ø  Highlighters (blue, green, yellow, orange & pink)

Ø  Dividers for the binder (5 count)

Ø  Notebook paper 

Ø  3x5 Index Cards (100 count, ~5 pkg.)

Ø  Blue or black ink pens & pencils

Ø  Kleenex

Each student should also bring one package of the following, according to class period:

A-day classes: Pencils, Blue or Black Pens

B-day classes: Map pencils or markers


Students are expected to keep a class binder, which is critical for test preparation. Binders allow much greater flexibility for studying and are preferred over spiral notebooks. Do NOT buy anything smaller than a 2 inch binder – you will run out of room!  It’s also in your best interest to purchase a heavy-duty locking binder – this will save you heartache later in the year. To be successful in WHAP, organization is essential. I will help you get the hang of how binders should be kept.  AVID Binders are perfectly fine!

Label your dividers as follows:

1)      Units 1 & 2: 8000 BCE – 600 CE

2)      Unit 3: 600 – 1450 CE

3)      Unit 4: 1450 – 1750

4)      Unit 5: 1750 – 1900

5)      Unit 6: 1900 – present



Ø  Major grades - 40%

Tests, DBQ essays, Check sheets, and projects. Tests and essays will be timed.

Ø  Minor Grades - 40%

Homework, in-class assignments, and SAQ or LEQ essays.

Ø  QUIZZES – 20%

Reading quizzes (open notes), Vocabulary and/or Map quizzes. Quizzes are timed.


Students can earn extra credit in the following ways: Turning Check sheet in early, Weekly Crash Course World History or other video assignments, bonus questions on quizzes.


Assessments & Make-ups

All in-class quizzes, essays and tests are timed. Most tests will conform to the standard AP format of 55 multiple choice questions and will be timed at 55 minutes.


Missed assessments/make-up work must be made up within ONE WEEK (7 days) of the original date. All tests/quizzes are posted on the reading schedule AND on the Unit Check List. If you are absent for an extracurricular activity (band, UIL, athletics), you are responsible for getting your assignments BEFORE the absence and they are due when you return.


All essay writing assignments will be graded according to the AP rubrics. Essays are graded on the Asset Model - each student starts with a grade of “0” and points are awarded according to completing required competencies for a maximum of 7 points. No attempt to answer or nowhere near the prompt will result in a zero. The points will be converted into a percentage score based on class performance. Essay grades can be placed in the Major or Minor category, based on the type of essay.


Ø  Multiple Choice Tests & Quizzes

o   Retakes can be done for grades below a 70. Test retakes are given on two days (only) during PRIDE Time or before/after school. The date will be announced.

o   In order to qualify for retakes, you must complete a “Retest Request” form, as well as completing an additional assignment to demonstrate content mastery.

Ø  Check Sheet

o   Anything on the check sheet is due by the due date listed next to the assignment.

o   Check sheet assignments don’t qualify for late work…they are completed or not.

o   The final due date for the check sheet is for full credit. You can turn it in the next class period for up to a 60%, and it can include any work not stamped previously. After that, you will have a 0 for a MAJOR grade.

Ø  Minor grades

o   Homework not on the check sheet will not be accepted after its due date.

o   Essays – some essays will not be for a major grade. These essays can be rewritten within 5 school days for no more than a 70%.



With the new textbook, each student will have access to an online copy of the book. This means that you will not need to bring your book to class! Do bring your LISD laptop, in case you need access to the online textbook or Google Classroom.

I have a ZERO tolerance policy for cell phones/other electronic devices in my classroom. The scope of the AP World History course means that I need every single minute of instructional time to help you prepare for success. You have the reading schedule and the menu for each unit – use any extra time to your advantage! Students are expected to place their phones in a wall storage pocket at the beginning of class.

Violators during class time will have their device confiscated. Violations during a quiz, test or essay will have their phones confiscated, their work taken up and receive an automatic 0 for that assignment.

Academic Honesty:

Academic malpractice, including plagiarism, collusion and duplication of work, are unacceptable.  All work on all assignments is expected to be the analysis and synthesis of the student alone, and sources should be cited appropriately, when necessary.  Violations will receive zero credit.


Classroom Rules:

·         Come to class prepared, with an open mind, and a willingness to learn along with any needed materials for the day.

·         Be respectful of others. Group work is an essential part of this class. Distracting others, putting in minimal effort, being disrespectful to other beliefs and cultures will not be tolerated.


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Aug 30, 2016, 10:02 AM