•     French 1 Themes: Parlons Français, être, avoir 
  •     French 2 Themes: Révision, Les Temps Présents
  •     French 3 Themes: Révision
  •     French 4: IB Tronc Commun et Options

INB:  Each student, every level, needs to acquire and maintain an Interactive Notebook (INB).  Ideally it is a composition notebook, but it can be a spiral or section of an existing binder.  All class handouts and materials will be glued/fixed in the INB on a right-side page.  Class notes will be taken on the right-side pages.  The right side is for input information.  The left-side pages are for reflection, thought, processing, questions, and identifying further needs.

If an INB is lost, it needs to be replaced.  Students need them every class period.  

Each grading cycle, random INB checks will begin.  The INB portion of the grade is 10%.