Welcome to The 2303 Expedition!

  This is not just a class, it is an exploration; it is not just English Language Arts, it is an adventure. I look forward to taking you places you have been hesitant to go before; to provoke your interest and skill in areas where that may not always have been the case. I will take you “as you are” and “where you are” and relentlessly challenge you to gradually improve and reach heights of achievement, proficiency, and joy you may not think possible.


English 2 Resource OVERVIEW

Functionally, this NOT a sit-and-listen or fill-in-the-blanks class. Rather, this is P.E. (Physical English); The 2303. Expedition is an active, interactive, dialectic, collaborative learning and creation experience.  Academically, this is a course that focuses on building necessary proficiency in English Language Arts in order to help each student obtain greater success both academically and in life and career. The course is specially designed for students who, for any of a wide variety of reasons (including natural aptitude, learning disabilities, lack of motivation, lack of organizational/study skills, need for greater support, learning style, and more), have previously struggled in this area.


During this course, we will focus on three primary areas: Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking. For each, we will start with an understanding of its purpose and then proceed with basic skills, terminology, and application (doing and practicing). Our primary focus will be on practical and common usage. Daily we will review grammar, read together, write and use the reading as a platform for broader learning in these areas. It is understood that these are all concepts that you have previously been exposed to, but for which you have not yet reached proficiency. Analysis and critical reflection will be a common thread throughout.