On this site you will find a variety of resources to meet your needs as an adult learner, as well as information to answer a variety of staff development related questions. As always, feel free to contact our department if you don't find what you are looking for or would like additional guidance.

Always Learning!
Your Instruction and Professional Learning Team

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Who We Are

The Department of Instruction and Professional Learning guides and supports professional growth in order to positively impact student development.


In order to achieve our purpose and work toward our vision, we:

  • continuously assess professional learning needs and acquire, allocate, and coordinate the resources necessary to meet those needs.

  • promotes and supports a culture of Continuous Improvement.

  • effectively build relationships, communicate, and collaborate with teachers, campus principals, instructional leaders, and support personnel.

  • engage in intentional, ongoing research and sharing of  next and best practices.

  • provide finger-tip access to on-going, differentiated learning.

  • leverage technology to make logistical processes efficient and effective.

All staff have access to differentiated learning that supports professional growth and builds a culture of continuous improvement.