Grading Policy

Participation (25%)

Participation grades are taken daily. The weekly average will be recorded in the grade book. Everyday, students are expected to do their best and remain on task. Following the classroom rules and completing classwork on time are major components of the participation grade.

Classwork (25%)

On occasion, students will be given written work during the class period. This may include vocabulary, worksheets, and written summaries. Students will be given enough time to complete these assignments before the bell, but will be allowed to complete unfished assignments for homework.

Performances & Projects (25% each)

At the end of each unit of study, students will be required to present a performance and a final project. Students will have access to a rubric to follow, which will detail expectations.

Make-ups & Retakes

Participation--Students are unable to make-up or retake a participation grade. All

late work (classwork, written work, performances, and projects) is considered

a behavior and will be accounted for under participation.

Classwork--Unless absent when assigned, students are unable to make-up a

classwork grade. In all cases, students are unable to re-take a classwork grade.

Written Work--Written work can be turned in for a make-up grade or as a re-

take. The corrected work must be turned in no later than a week (five school days)

past the original assignment date. The adjusted grade will not exceed an 80.

Performances & Projects--Students have the option to re-perform or re-due an in-

class project for a higher grade, as long as all group members agree. If only a

portion of the group want to improve their grade, those students will be assigned an

alternate project. The project must be completed within the week following the

original performance date. Students with an unexcused absence are not eligible to

makeup or retake a a class play performance. Students with an excused absence

will be assigned an alternate project in lieu of the class play performance.