Fall 2018 UIL One-Act Play

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Peter and the Starcatcher By Rick Elice

It is 1885 during the reign of Queen Victoria and two ships from the British Empire set sail on the high seas for the imaginary kingdom of Rundoon.

On one ship, The Neverland, three orphan boys encounter a smart and witty girl named Molly Aster, the daughter of an English lord and minister to the queen. Also on board is a trunk full of precious starstuff that Molly has promised to protect. One of the orphans, known only as Boy, is bitter and unpleasant. Once he meets Molly, his lonely and miserable world is turned upside down.

On the other ship, The Wasp, Molly’s father, the famous starcatcher Lord Aster, guards a decoy trunk from pirates who are in search of treasure. The pirate captain, Black Stache, discovers the ruse and goes after The Neverland.

A violent storm ensues, and Molly and the orphans find themselves trying to save the valuable trunk from Black Stache, his men, and the both of the ships’ crews. The Neverland is torn asunder in the storm.

In the midst of all the upheaval, Boy meets Black Stache who gives him the name of Peter while trying to convince him to become a pirate. The trunk is almost in secure hands, when in order to save himself from drowning, Peter rides it through the waves to a nearby island.

And the adventures have only begun! What becomes of Molly, Peter, and the other lost boys? Why is everyone after the starstuff and what does it do? Does anyone—or anything—ever stop Black Stache and the pirates? Discover more than ever about these classic characters you thought you knew.


The Orphans

Boy (Peter): A boy who doesn't miss much. Nameless, homeless, and friendless at the beginning of the play and a hero by the end. A survivor. More than anything in the world, he wants a home and a family. If he could grow up, he'd fall for Molly in a big way. But it'll never happen.

Prentiss: Ambitious, hyper-articulate, logical; yearns to be a leader, even as he knows in his heart that he never shall be one. A bit of a blowhard with just the teeny-tiniest touch of cowardice.

Ted: Obsessed with food: the eating of, the fighting over, the dreaming about. Called "Tubby" by Prentiss, though not due to girth, of which orphans, given their meager diets, have very little indeed.

The British Subjects

Lord Leonard Aster: The very model of a Victorian English gentleman, loyal subject to the Queen, devoted father, faithful friend. Also, and not irrelevant to our story, Lord Aster is a Starcatcher--dedicated to protecting the Earth and all who dwell thereon from the awesome power of starstuff.

Molly Aster: A true leader at a time when girls are mostly followers. Will risk everything for the sake of Doing Right. Curious, intelligent, beginning to feel things she doesn't understand--romantic longings that revert to childish tantrums under pressure--because, after all, she's a thirteen year old girl. She'll be a great woman one day.

Mrs. Bumbrake: Molly's nanny. British to the bone. Still has enough of her girlish charm to turn a sailor's head. Stiff in the lip but fun on a ship.

Captain Robert Falcon Scott: Captain of Britain's fastest frigate, The Wasp. Years later, he will lead an expeditionary team to the South Pole, freeze to death, and become the iconic British hero, Scott of the Antarctic.

Grempkin: The mean and malodorous schoolmaster of St. Norbert's Orphanage for Lost Boys. Likes to keep his boys in the dark, as sunlight is known to feed rebellious notions.

The Seafarers

Bill Slank: The Neverland's vicious captain, without the skill or quality to lead anyone but himself, and always into disaster. A greedy man who would sell his own mother for a ship to command and send boys to their doom for the favor of those who would use starstuff for personal gain, global domination, or worse. An orphan, too.

Alf: An old sea dog. Something about him appeals to the feminine sensibility--might be his bowlegs, his saucy gait, or his kind heart.

Mack: A very bad sailor who wants to be anywhere but under the thumb of Bill Slank.

Black Stache: Long after everyone else got out of the pirate business, Black Stache continues to terrorize the seven seas in search of a hero worthy of his villainy. Famous for his face foliage, he started shaving at age ten, had a bushy handlebar by eleven, and the blood of twenty crews on his hands by twelve. Heartless and hirsute, suspiciously well read, partial to the poetical and theatrical, and given to a ferocity from which no good shall ever spring.

Smee: First mate to Black Stache. Single-mindedly dedicated to his captain's every whim. His motto: "Tis good to be busy."

Sanchez: A hardworking Spanish pirate with an identity crisis.


Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Props Master

Lighting Technician

Sound Technician


Rehearsals will be held every Monday and Wednesday (and some Fridays) after school from 4:15pm-5:45pm.

All cast and crew will be responsible for remitting $35 production fees by Friday, September 14th.

Important Dates

Online Video Monologues due Monday 8/27

Callbacks @ LMS Wednesday 8/29

Cast List Posted Friday 8/31

Students invited for a callback via Google Classroom will read scenes alone, in pairs, or in groups.

Students will accept their cast or crew assignments on the posting outside of the Theatre Arts room.

The cast a crew list will be posted at 4:05 pm.

Rehearsals Begin @ LMS Wednesday 9/4

Clinic @ Glenn HS Monday 10/29

Depart LMS @ 1:30 pm

Return to LMS @ 5:30 pm

Extended Rehearsal @ LMS Thursday 11/1 4:15 pm-9:45 pm

Students must attend the entire rehearsal.

Dinner and snacks will be provided.

Dress Rehearsal @ Leander HS Friday 11/30*

Depart LMS @ 8:00 am

Return to LMS @ 12:00 pm

Contest @ Leander HS Saturday 12/1 8am-8pm

Depart LMS @ 7:30 am

Public Performance @ 12:00 pm

Return to LMS after 7pm Awards Ceremony & Critiques

Students must attend the entire contest.

Lunch and dinner will be provided.

*indicate events during the school day for which students will be absent*

Rehearsal calendar available on Google Classroom.