About Ms. Thompson

Ms. Thompson graduated from Columbia University in 2004 where she received a B.A. in Drama and Theatre Arts with a concentration in Costume Design. After moving to Austin, she freelanced as a makeup artist while simultaneously employed at Zach Theatre and Creative Action (formerly Theatre Action Project). In 2008 she received her EC-12 Drama Certification upon completion of post-baccalaureate Theatre Studies from the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Texas. Ms. Thompson is currently pursuing a Master's in Education from Lamar University.

Ms. Thompson came to Leander Middle School from Canyon Ridge Middle School, where she ran the theatre program since 2009. She has also served as Art Director and Acting Director for Texas PTA's Camp Just Imagine. Ms. Thompson is excited about another year as an LMS Tiger.


Please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Thompson with any questions or concerns by phone or via e-mail.

dana.thompson@leanderisd.org | (512) 570-3200 x13251