2022 - 2023

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All Leander High School Students are invited to join choir!

Do you like to sing? Do you want to know more about singing? Do you want a class that feels like family? Sign up today!


  • Make sure your emails are up to date in the HAC system to receive all important communication from your teachers.

  • Make sure you reach out to your teachers if you are having technology issues. We are here to help!

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  • CONGRATULATIONS to the 15 LHS Choir Students who earned places in the TMEA Region 32 Honor Choir!!

Kelsey Brower, Adi Browne*, Liam Burritt *, Will Hutton, Livy Korioth *, Avery Linden *, Ryan Miner, Adan Montes, Jack Nowicki *, Kishore Pinnamaneni *, Rachel Poycattle *, Selah Sparks *, Steven Smith *, Trevor Swanson *, Christian Swint *

(* students advancing to the Pre- Area round of Auditions)

Leander High School Choir has been making beautiful music for over 30 years. This choral family has earned numerous awards from UIL and Madrigal events. We have a rich history of achieving success with a variety of different types of music including classical, jazz, barber shop, pop, country, hip hop, and more.

Over the years, Leander High School Choir has grown to include two show choirs in addition to three concert choirs. In a day in the choir room you can hear musical excellence being achieved by our choirs in their classes.

Leander High School Choir strives to welcome all students and support them on their individual music journey. Students can be challenged to sing solos and work with our extra small, student lead, ensemble Leander Encore or they can just enjoy learning and the family atmosphere of our non-auditioned ensembles. Whatever students are looking for, our officers, directors, voice teachers, and Booster Club are dedicated to creating the best choral experience and opportunities for every ability and interest level.

Fine Arts Education: One of the best things to happen in Texas public education is the requirement that every student in high school must complete a TEKS-based course in order to graduate, and that every student in middle school is required to complete a TEKS-based course. Arts Education is not a frill; rather, it is beneficial to every student and helps teachers reach students across a broad spectrum of learning styles. For more information about the positive impact that Fine Arts education has on students, and to become more knowledgeable about legislative actions that could impact fine arts program in Texas, I invite you to join GoArts.org. By registering at the site, you can help educate our state’s decision makers about the importance of Fine Arts education. There’s no charge for joining, and GoArts.org does not share email addresses with any other organization.