"As you are not experience in the things of the world, all things that have some difficulty will seem impossible".
 - Don Quixote


Class Information 

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     Spanish II              Spanish II- Pre-AP    

Class Expectations

  • Bring all required supplies and materials to every class    
  • Respect the teacher and EVERY classmate, ALL of the time—no exceptions!
  • Respect Sra. Keene's "home”—the area behind her desk is her property 
  • Participate in class
  • Take initiative as a young adult
  • Take care of bathroom needs before class—only emergencies permitted!
  • Be in your seat working on the bell-ringer or ready to check homework when  the tardy bell rings or you will be counted tardy
  • Please ask before getting out of your seat
  • Purses/backpacks/bags must be kept on the floor
  • Only bottled water is allowed for consumption.
  • Continue working until I dismiss the class
  • Ask for help when needed and HAVE FUN!

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