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March 6 - 10, 2017

Can't believe that it is already one week away from Spring Break!

This Week in Third Grade:

Math - We are always working on getting our multiplication facts, and almost daily, we are setting aside a time for learning strategies to decompose and solve any problem put in front of us.  We are also staring a new unit on measurement, beginning with measuring mass using the metric system, (grams and kilograms).

Please help your child practice their math facts daily, as we will be practicing each morning in class, and taking a fact test on Fridays, that will be graded and recorded beginning the second 9 week period. They can move to the next operation by solving at least 47 out of 50 problems in 3 minutes.  Remember to look on the front of the planners for XtraMath and ThinkThroughMath log-ins.

 Reading - The students completed another"Mystery Passage" this past Wednesday, independently, and I can see that many are not attending to the question being asked, so did not do as well as the previous week.
 At home, please also encourage your child to get onto ImaginationStation, (Istation) to practice reading concepts.

I hope that you and your child had fun with the Book in a Box project.  It is due on Monday, the 6th.

Writing - In Language Arts, we are beginning the folktale unit, which includes tall tales, fables, fairy tales, folktales, and myths. They are having a great time with acting out their fables during reader's theater.  The performers have taken it very seriously, and some have even memorized their lines.  The audience has been responding with ideas for the characters' traits and possible morals after watching their friends. 

Science/Social Studies -The Benchmark test for the Stayin'Alive unit will be this coming Wednesday morning.  Please let me know if you could not access the review from the email I sent last week.  We will be reviewing the concepts Monday and Tuesday.

Homework will be handed out on Friday and is due the following Friday.

Monday or Tuesday -- Do a "Spelling Activity" in their spelling books (ideas are located in the front of your child's spelling book).
Wednesday--"Dear Parents" - also called Take-Home Task is located in your student's spelling book. The skill will be tested at the bottom of the spelling test, and will be a grade of its own.
Thursday--Give your student a practice test, so they know their words for the test on Friday.
The Spelling booklets live in their binders so they will not be lost!

Students should read at least 30 minutes per night Mon.--Thurs.
"Reading Response/Reading Task"--turned in completed on Friday (these will be given to students)

Practice math facts at least 10 minutes each day, Mon. -- Thursday.  A 3-minute math fact test will be given each Friday.  Students must answer 47 out of the 50 problems correctly in order to move on to the next operation. 
Laminated addition drill practice pages were sent home Friday and stays in their binders.  They also have the log-in for XtraMath on the front cover of their planners.  This is a great way to practice their facts.
As soon as your child masters addition, they will be given one for subtraction, then multiplication, then division.

Any other math sheets will be due on Fridays.​

Please make sure you initial your student's planner, which means that you have seen the completion of the homework that day.

Thanks for all your support!  Let me know if you have questions.

Spelling Unit #24

  1. there
  2. up
  3. its
  4. water
  5. long
  6. most
  7. another
  8. work
  9. along
  10. often
  11. once
  12. animal
  13. sure
  14. it's
  15. several
  16. upon
  17. family
  18. later
  19. turn
  20. move


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