Introduction Video

Welcome parents and students alike to Vandegrift High Schools Theatre Department in general and to the Technical Theatre portion specifically... On this site I will hopefully post news weekly about what we have done and will be doing in class, I say hopefully because anyone who has ever been on a show crew knows the period of time when teching a production is a whirling vortex that sucks time into it's core never to be seen again.

In TT1 we will be discussing the beginnings of stagecraft, then current safety procedures for working in a scene shop.

In TT2-4 We will be reviewing safety procedures that may have been forgotten over the summer, discussing the projects that we will be working on over the course of the semester and taking measurements of the theatre so that we have accurate drawings for the projects we will be working on later this semester. 

Technical Theatre 1:

In this course we will examine the topic of stagecraft through lecture, discussion, and practicum. Over the course of the year we will examine the different roles and impacts the various design fields, (costuming, scenery, sound, lighting, and projection) can have and how they effect a performance. Students will also gain practical experience by helping to execute design ideas for the departmental productions.

This course will begin with a focus on safety, then vocabulary, and then an examination of the evolution of stagecraft in a wide varieties of it’s forms.

 Technical Theatre 2-4:

These courses will continue to build on the foundation the students received in Technical Theatre 1, by working in collaborative groups to develop design concepts for theoretical productions in a variety of production styles and themes. Students will develop a portfolio of designs that include research, research imagery, concept statements, and related drawings.

 A key focus of this class will be to develop individuals or team to compete in the UIL one act play design competition.