About Me

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 Mr. Hoffman:

Email: jacob.hoffman@leanderisd.org
Twitter: @jacobhoffman87
This will be my 8th year teaching at Canyon Ridge Middle School. I graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Education). I spent my entire childhood in College Station, TX. So, yes... that means I am a huge Texas A&M fan. My family still lives in College Station, so I spend my weekends there during football season. I have a wonderful wife, Katie, who works at Round Rock ISD as a Behavioral Coach. I also have a wonderful daughter, Scarlett, who just turned two.

Why do I teach...? I found that I lost my love for school around the 7th grade growing up. Sadly, I didn't regain that love until my Junior year of college. As I look back, I think it's because no teacher in 7th grade really seemed to care about me or my learning. I can't name a single teacher I had in middle school. I teach because I want to be a positive influence in a students life. I don't want them to end up hating school for 8 years like I did. Yes, students are learning science in my class, but they are also learning to be a difference maker in this world.