How To Join Dance Team & FAQ's

1. How do I join the Black Diamonds dance team?

In order to reserve a spot on next year's Black Diamonds dance team, you must be a current student at HMS and you must attend a 2-day clinic called "Diamond Shine" that takes place in March (see details below in question #3). You must attend the clinic consistently for both days in order to reserve your spot on next year's roster.

2. Is there an audition to join the team?

No. The dance team is no-cut. The only process you need to go through to join the Black Diamonds is to attend Diamond Shine as mentioned above.

3. When does Diamond Shine take place?

Stay tuned for info on joining our team for 2019-2020!

4. What do I wear to Diamond Shine?

You can wear dance clothing and jazz shoes OR you can wear tennis shoes and something you can move in. DO NOT wear jeans! :)

5. What if I don't come to Diamonds Shine? Can I still join the team?

No. You MUST come to Diamond Shine consistently for BOTH days in order to get your name on the roster. The counselors will NOT put dance team on your schedule if your name is not on the roster.

6. Do I need to pick up any paperwork before Diamonds Shine takes place?

Yes. You can go by to see Ms. Herrera in the dance room and pick up all necessary forms to join. MEMBERSHIP FOR THE 2018-2019 TEAM IS NOW CLOSED!

7. Is there a parent meeting for incoming new members?

Yes. STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS FOR THE 2019-2020 TEAM! Ms. Herrera will pass out information regarding approximate costs to be on the team and she will discuss the expectations for being on the team. This is a great way to see what the Black Diamonds are all about.

8. Are there costs involved for being on Black Diamonds?

Yes. Members of our team are required to purchase specific clothing, shoes, a dance bag, and some other miscellaneous items in order to participate on our team. Costs for these items are explained at the new member parent meeting in February. Ordering of the items takes place later in the spring - typically in April or May.

9. Can I audition for an officer/leadership position if I have never been on the team before?

No. In order to audition for a spot on the officer line or apply for a leadership position, you must be a current Diamond member, and be going into the 8th grade.

10. Can be in athletics or cheerleading and be on the dance team at the same time?

No. Unfortunately you can ONLY do one - athletics, cheerleading, OR dance team. The only exception would be for Soccer & possibly Track/Cross Country because those sports take place in the spring and do not conflict with our team schedule.

*PLEASE SEE MS. HERRERA regarding this situation in advance, if this pertains to you.

11. Can I be in band or choir in addition to being on the dance team?

Yes. You can be in either band OR choir and do dance team at the same time.

12. What if I can't fully commit to being on the dance team? Can I be in a regular dance class instead?

Yes. Click on the link on the tab entitled "Dance Classes at HMS" to see what your choices are. You can always sign up for a Dance I or II class and still have an opportunity to perform in recitals.

13 Do I get a PE credit for being in dance or on dance team?

Yes. You will receive a full year of PE credit for participating in any dance class or for being a member of the Black Diamonds dance team.

14. Can I take dance classes at a studio AND be on the Black Diamonds at the same time?

YES! :) Taking dance classes at a studio outside of HMS is only going to help strengthen your technique.

15. Do you have to audition in order to compete with the Black Diamonds?

YES. In order to compete with our team you must audition for a spot in our Contest Company. Those auditions do not take place until the fall, AND they are not required to participate in.

16. Can I be an officer AND compete on an outside of school, studio dance team?

YES. You are allowed to be an officer for our team AND be on a competitive studio dance team at the same time AS LONG AS you comply with the terms specified in the Officer Contract that every officer must sign.

Please email Ms. Herrera if you have any questions about this.

17. Can I be on a competitive studio dance team AND compete with the Black Diamonds Contest Company?

YES. You are allowed to be on a competitive studio dance team AND compete with the Contest Company at the same time AS LONG AS you sign the Contest Company agreement prior to the auditions.

Please email Ms. Herrera if you have any questions about this.