Grandview Hills Fifth Grade

Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Events & Volunteer Opportunities

February 22nd: Four Points Middle School Parent Night

February 24th: Fly High

March 2nd: Four Points Visit

March 13th - 17th Spring Break

April 14th: No School

April 24th: No School

5th grade students can apply to be involved in the TECH team using the link below.

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Helpful information:

Why is my child reading EASY books?

Great news! Today your child will begin bringing home books to read with you.

To start the year off, these books will be at your child’s INDEPENDENT reading level. This means that they should be able to read most (if not all) of the words without any help.

Independent Level books promote:

➩ fluency (smooth, accurate,  and expressive reading)

➩ your child’s sense of success as a reader

➩  positive reading experiences at home

After reading, you can extend your child’s reading experience with these books by:

⏯ asking them to locate specific letters, words, or punctuation

⏭ making personal connections to the text, discussing characters, events, or info from the text

⏭ asking them to retell the events in order

Your child will be reading increasingly challenging texts in the classroom at their INSTRUCTIONAL level as the year progresses, with support from me. Please contact me if you have any questions about the books your child is reading.

Happy Reading!

                                                            We are internationally minded!