Accommodations Requests

College Board PSAT/SAT Testing Accommodations

To apply for SAT testing accommodations:

In order for me to apply on the student's behalf, we must have all the necessary documentation on file at GHS. In most cases, this includes the following:

1. A current 504 in place for at least 4 months which includes the accommodations for which you are applying.

2. A professional evaluation with cognitive ability (IQ) test scores within the last 10 years.

3. A professional evaluation with academic achievement test scores within the last 5 years.

Please note: College Board states that "inclusion of an accommodation on an IEP/504 Plan/Formal Plan does not automatically qualify a student for accommodations on College Board tests."

**Make sure that you read through the documentation requirements for your specific case and ensure that we have the necessary paperwork PRIOR to your request.

Parent Consent Form:

If a student does NOT already have accommodations in place per his/her 504, or you do not have the documentation required, you may personally submit requests.

Accommodations Offered:

How to apply:

Documentation Requirements by Disability:

Application Deadlines:

College Board SSD Office Contact Info:

ACT Testing Accommodations

To apply for accommodations on the ACT:

These forms and documentation must be submitted by you. However, if a student already has accommodations in place at GHS, there is a part of the form that we can sign off on if you bring it in to your counselor.

General Info (read FIRST):

Policy on Documentation:

Form to apply for extended time:

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Form to apply for other accommodations:

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