Academic Planning

Course Options

Glenn High School will offer the same course selections and programs as other LISD high schools. This includes electives, advanced courses, and extracurricular programs. Please refer to the course catalog for descriptions of each course.

Advanced level trade programs available at Glenn:


-Construction Tech

-Ag Mechanics

Choice sheets completed at other LISD campuses have been entered into the scheduling software and all course requests will transfer to Glenn High School. Students who wish to make changes to their selections will have the opportunity to do so this spring.

Course Suggestions for Incoming 9th Grade Students

In an effort to help guide students and parents in determining placement in on level or Pre-AP/AP courses, LISD will be providing parents and students with data-based suggestions for the following courses: English, Math, Science, History, and, if applicable, Spanish II. Using multiple data points, students will be placed in either the on level or Pre-AP course for their ninth grade year. Parents will receive both the suggested courses and the data points behind the suggestions. These will be provided to students after spring break.

Please know this does NOT mean that your child is required to take the courses that have been suggested. With data points and suggested courses in hand, the expectation is that families will discuss placement and, if necessary, make appropriate changes. Some families will choose to enroll their child in more Pre-AP courses than suggested; while others may opt their child out of Pre-AP courses. Things you should consider when making the final decision for your child’s course selections are:

  1. What are his/her future plans?
  2. What are your child’s academic talents and strengths?
  3. What are your child’s study skills and work habits?
  4. What are your family and extra-curricular commitments outside of the school day?

Course planning guides have been provided below to assist with determining the placement you feel is best for your student. Once distributed to students, families will have two weeks to make changes if desired before verification sheets are due back to campuses.