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  Student Registration Instructions
To register for Leander ISD AP World History - Summer Reading :
1. Go to .
2. Under Register, select Student .
3. Confirm you have the information needed, then select OK! Register now .
4. Enter your instructor’s course ID: harmon16311 , and Continue .
5. Enter your existing Pearson account username and password to Sign In .
You have an account if you have ever used a MyLab or Mastering product.
» If you don’t have an account, select Create and complete the required fields.
6. Select an access option.
» Enter the access code (see below) that came with your textbook or that you purchased separately from the bookstore. » If available for your course, • Buy access using a credit card or PayPal. • Get temporary access.
7. From the You're Done! page, select Go To My Courses .
8. On the My Courses page, select the course name Leander ISD AP World History Summer Reading to start your work.

To sign in later:
1. Go to .
2. Select Sign In .
3. Enter your Pearson account username and password, and Sign In .
4. Select the course name Leander ISD AP World History - Summer Reading to start your work.
To upgrade temporary access to full access:
1. Go to .
2. Select Sign In .
3. Enter your Pearson account username and password, and Sign In .
4. Select Upgrade access  for Leander ISD AP World History - Summer Reading .
5. Enter an access code or buy access with a credit card or PayPal.

Student Access

Student Name: ____________________     Course ID: __ harmon16311______

 Teacher Name: ___    Course Name: Leander ISD AP World History Summer Reading

 How to register for PearsonMyLab/MyHistoryLab

For Stearns, World Civilizations,7th Edition ©2015

 1. Get Ready:

  • Ask your teacher for your Course ID:  __harmon16311__
  • Have your valid email address handy: _____________________________________
  • Use this access code to register:



 NOT FOR RESALE: By using the access code printed above to register, you indicate that you have read, understood, and agreed to Pearson Education’s License Agreement, which you will be prompted to read during the registration process.

 2.  Register

  • Go to
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to redeem your code and create your personal user name and password.  Record this below.

 3.  Record your account information

  • User name: ________________________________
  • Password: _________________________________

 4.  Sign in to your course

o   Go to

o   Make sure your computer is ready by checking the System Requirements


Alternate Text:
I have taught WHAP for 18 years and my experience is that students struggle with the complexity of the Stearns text, which is the text adopted by the district. This year in addition to Stearns I will be posting alternative readings in another book. These readings are more concise, clear,  and focused on the College Board Key Concepts.  However, this book is not available through the school and must be acquired by students on their own. It is widely available in both new and used formats. All teachers on the WHAP team will be offering readings from the 3rd edition of this book. Students are NOT REQUIRED to purchase this book. It just MAY be helpful with developing reading comprehension. Topics covered will have readings from both texts posted. Students may read either one they wish. 

AP World History: An Essential Coursebook. 3rd Edition, Ethel Wood. 2016.


Before soccer season tutorials will be held after school, or during Den time. Tutorials can also be by appointment for other times if I'm available. After soccer season has started tutorials will be during Den time, or by appointment only. 

Class Rules:
* Be on Time
* Bring Your Lenovo 
* Don't interrupt anyone that is sharing, including me. 
* Read, Read, Read, Read.........

WHAP Grading Policy:

50% Daily
50% Major

There will be a maximum of two quiz grade falling below a 70 that may be improved through quiz corrections. Test grades may not be redone. Homework may be handed in one day late for a maximum of 70. After that no grades will be taken. When you are absent, be prepared to submit assignments on the day you return from your absence. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and will receive the consequences outlined in the CPHS Honor Code:

Prezi site for alternative class notes: (Search by Title  WHAP):
You will need to start a free Prezi account, then search "Jeff Gamble." Then search by title. 

WHAP Syllabus:

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