Doceri: The Next Step in the Teaching Paradigm Shift

Doceri - The professional iPad interactive whiteboard and screencast recorder with sophisticated tools for hand-drawn graphics and remote desktop control. Use it to: Create video lessons. Share. Present. Control your computer.

In Leander ISD, Doceri will only connect to teacher computers with district issued iPads. It will not connect with personal devices.

Doceri Training Web Address

Basic Directions:

  1. Install Doceri Desktop on your computer from Self Services or LISD Applications
  2. Download Doceri Interactive Whiteboard onto your District Issued teacher iPad
  3. Launch Doceri Desktop on computer
  4. Launch Doceri Interactive Whiteboard on teacher iPad
  5. Open the User's Guide from the Doceri Support web page

Doceri Training Web Address

View Complete Set of Doceri iPad App Directions

Zoom in on a Document that is on a Computer:

  1. Control the computer
  2. Access the keyboard
  3. Press the following keys together: Option - Command - =

Video Lessons Created with the Doceri iPad App: (videos will download and then you can play them)

Doceri 101 for Mac and Windows

Doceri iPad App allows you to the freedom to teach without being tethered to your computer. With the Doceri iPad App, you have the ability to: view and control your entire computer screen from anywhere in your classroom; control and enhance your PowerPoint presentations; and use the Drawing Tools to emphasize important information on your digital documents.

Doceri 102 for Mac and Windows

Doceri iPad App allows you to: take advantage of the interactive whiteboard feature so that you can write your information on the iPad (similar to a document camera); import photos/images and use the drawing tools to highlight the points of interest; write your “mini-lesson” on the iPad and then share it in the classroom; and you also have the option to add your voice to record the lesson and to then post it to SchoolTube or YouTube.

Setting up Doceri

1. Download Doceri to your teacher iPad

2. Install Doceri Desktop on your computer

3. Launch Doceri Desktop on computer

4. Launch Doceri on iPad

For further assistance, feel free to view the Doceir User Guide and How-To Videos.

Doceri iPad App Directions

1. Link iPad with computer

a. Launch Doceri Desktop on your computer (from Applications folder)

b. Set up the password that will “link” both your iPad and your computer

c. Launch Doceri on your iPad

d. Select through a computer

i. For the first time on that computer - Scan the QR Code on your computer

ii. Linked previously –

iii. Not linked before - you may need to click on the bottom left side “camera/plug” icon to bring up the Scan window)

e. Enter your password

2. Control your computer with your iPad

a. Stylus is helpful, but not necessary

b. Portrait mode: Easier to zoom and navigate on iPad

c. Landscape mode: Used to see one screen in a larger format

d. Screen 1: your computer

e. Screen 2: projector screen

f. You are in full control of your computer

g. Zoom: Pinch 2 fingers (does not change the size on the projector screen)

h. Move/Shift Screen: Place 2 fingers on iPad and shift them

3. Setting the iPad to not remember the Doceri password (for security reasons)

a. Launch Doceri

b. Connect to computer

c. Click on the Gear icon (top right)

d. Select Network Setup

e. Turn ON the Don’t remember passwords

f. Click off of that window

4. Enter text in text fields

a. Launch Firefox (or any other application)

b. Decide where you want to enter text

c. Click on the Keyboard icon (upper right corner)

d. Yes, it is a Windows keyboard

e. You might have to zoom in to read the text that you are entering

f. Click on the Keyboard icon again to hide the keyboard

5. PowerPoint

a. Launch PowerPoint

b. Play PowerPoint

c. Maneuver by clicking on the displayed slide (either screen 1 or 2)

d. Click on End Show (top center of Screen 1 window) when ready to stop

6. Drawing Mode on Computer Screen

a. Decide what document or web page you want to “write on”

b. Click on the Drawing Tool (Crayon icon)

c. A screen shot is taken of the projector screen

d. Decide which Tool you want to use

e. Click on the Tool once to select it

f. Click on it again to modify the settings (color, size, spacing and opacity)

(For plain writing, I recommend the Pen Tool at size 1px)

g. Click off of that window to get started

h. Start using the tools

i. Wrist Guard: Pull up on the bottom 4 bars so that you can rest your wrist on the iPad without any marks being added to the document

j. For better writing:

i. Zoom In to where you want to write

ii. Write

iii. Shift as needed

iv. Zoom Out

k. Did you make a mistake

i. Use the Arrows to Undo and Redo

ii. Use the Wiper to “Erase all strokes”

l. Do you want to save the Screen

i. Click on Export Tool (Arrow in a Box icon) at the top center

ii. Current image is just that full screen

iii. Email PDF

m. When you are done with the Drawing Tool (it is saved to the Folder)

i. Click on Crayon to close Drawing session

7. Interactive Whiteboard on a Doceri Background or Color

a. Click on the Background Tool (Checker Board and Crayon)

b. Scroll down to find the background (or color) that you want to use

c. Decide on one

d. This image is now on your projector screen

e. Drawing Mode is automatically turned on

8. Interactive Whiteboard on one of your Photos

a. Click on Import Tool (Mountain image icon)

b. Decide where you want to get the photo from

i. iPhoto Library for existing photos

ii. from Camera to take a photo

c. Drawing Mode is automatically turned on

9. Timeline

a. Open a blank Background (for demo purposes)

b. Write some information

c. Pull down on the Timeline Tool

d. Click on the Question Mark

e. Close that window

f. Click on the Previous Slide icon (to the right of the clock)

g. Click on Play (far right)

h. Adjust Speed (clock)

i. Drag Time Line slider to locate a “stopping point”

j. Click on the Add Stop pin

k. Drag slider to the next “stopping point”

l. Click on the Add Stop pin

m. Rewind

n. Play

o. You can also delete a “stopping point” if you want

10. Inserting Slides

a. Click on the New Slide icon

b. Enter more learning stuff

11. Record Lesson with voice (with demo slides and timelines)

a. Go to the starting point that you want to start recording

b. Click on the Record icon

c. Select Start Recording

d. Click the Record icon again

e. Select Pause Recording

f. Adjust what you want

g. Click the Recording icon again

h. Select Resume Recording

i. Click the Recording icon again

j. Select Stop Recording

k. Double-click the recording to change its name

l. Close that window

12. Upload the recording to DropBox

a. Click on the Recording icon

b. Select My Recordings

c. Current options are:

i. Facebook – students do not have permission at school

ii. YouTube – students do not have permission at school

iii. Email – file size limit is 4 MB

iv. iPhoto Library

v. Resize to email – but quality is not that great

vi. Trash

d. Uploading to DropBox

i. Download Free DropBox app to your iPad

ii. Set up DropBox (follow those steps)

iii. Back to My Doceri Recordings

iv. Play the one that you want

v. Pause it

vi. Click on the Export icon (Arrow in a Box)

vii. Select DropBox

viii. Decide the folder location

ix. It is now in your iPad DropBox folder

x. It is now ready to be moved to another location if you want

xi. It is now ready to be uploaded to a web site

13. Email yourself a lesson in PDF format

a. Click on the Project Folder (top left corner)

b. Open the lesson that you want to email

c. Click on the Export icon (arrow)

d. Select on Email PDF

e. Select At Each Slide (gives the user the full view of the steps)

f. Email it to yourself

g. Open your Email

h. Options

i. Forward to someone else

ii. Drag to one of your folders to upload to a web site