Welcome to 8th Grade Science 

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Safety Contract at the bottom of this page.
If you would like more ways to study and /or get help, here is a link to websites provided by Leander ISD for student help.

Website:  All information for class (notes, worksheets, labs, absent work, etc.) will be posted on this 8th Grade Science website. This is updated frequently; please check the calendar's above for make- up work. 
Grading:  Assessments (district/unit tests, quizzes, projects) will count 90%, while Homework will count 10% of your average each six weeks.  There is no extra credit offered in 8th Grade Science.  Homework is not accepted for a grade after it is 5 days late. Each day late will cost the grade 10 points.
Retakes:  If a student makes below 80% on a quiz he/she may use the Correction form at the bottom of this page as a replacement.   NOTE: Unit tests and project grades cannot be replaced and are not included in the retake process. 
Make up work:  Make up work can be found online.  Students have the number of days that they were absent to complete the work and submit it to the teacher. There are “replacement activities” for puzzles or labs that are missed.
Lab Safety:  Students must abide by a science lab safety contract. This contract must be signed by each student and his or her parents/guardians to participate in lab activities. If a student breaks the lab safety contract, they will be removed from lab activities for an amount of time to be determined by the teacher based on the severity of the student actions. Labs will done in teams, and each team member will be responsible for contributing to the activity. Each team member must complete the entire lab in his/her own notebook. 
Please complete the Safety Contract and give to your science teacher. 

Quizzes every Thursday except for the first Thursday of the unit.

Upcoming Projects

Quiz Retakes/Corrections- Unit Assessments can not be corrected or retaken. 
Below you will find the form to follow when making quiz corrections.  They are due 5 days after receiving the grade.
Jackie Jeffrey,
Feb 2, 2016, 1:07 PM
Jackie Jeffrey,
Aug 22, 2017, 7:18 PM