Junior Thespian Troupe #89456

Junior Thespian Troupe #89456
established May 2017

Inductions: at our annual banquet in May
Parents are welcome to attend.

Inducted members and apprentices, join the Google Classroom: l45aq3x
Anyone who is interested or inducted, join the Remind at this link.

Meeting Information
When are meetings? Club Fridays during Flight Time
Where are meetings held? In the theatre room (room 1302).
Who can come? All members of the community who have a passion for theatre and want to support the FPMS theatre department! 
How do I sign up? Sign up in the Flight Time Portal for "International Thespian Society."

Why join the International Junior Thespian Society chapter at FPMS?
-looks great if you're planning to continue in high school theatre ANYWHERE across the nation
-gives you half of the points needed to join the Thespian troupe at VHS (which is a lot)
-being a thespian opens up scholarship and leadership opportunities
-it feels good to be recognized for your hard work in theatre
-the only theatre honor society!!!
-be part of two MILLION alumni (including Mrs. T!)
-brings attention to the importance of theatre in our schools
-volunteer opportunities with your friends!
-students are recognized for academic achievements as well as theatrical

How to join Junior Thespian Troupe #89456 in 6 easy steps!
1. Ask yourself the following questions:
    Do I love being part of something bigger than me?
    Do I want to make a difference through theatre?
    Do I love theatre?
    Can I commit to attending ONE meeting a month?
    Am I willing to be part of productions?
    Have I been part of 
If you answered YES!!! then continue on--we would love to have you!

2. Fill out a Thespian Points form, found here. Or grab a form from the theatre callboard.
Do not complete the following:
    -induction date
    -point values
Use this sheet to get an idea of what you should and should not include. You may include anything done in elementary school, middle school, outside of school since elementary school, and in-class performances for an audience that was not your class (end of semester, films, etc). You will need TEN points to be eligible for induction. Students cannot be elected into the society--it is through hard work alone. 
FIVE of those ten points need to be earned at FPMS.
If you are not currently an inducted member, you're still welcome to attend our meetings as an apprentice!

3. Turn in your points sheet to Mrs. Talbot.
You may turn it in earlier, but not later. This allows us to tabulate points, order supplies, etc.

4. After receiving your invitation, attend your induction and pay your $12 induction dues (one time only)!
You will receive a pin, your membership card, and a cool bumper sticker.

5. Consider running for an officer position (inducted Thespians only) and/or class representative.
We will hold officer elections in May, after inductions. We will choose class reps at the first meeting of the school year.

6. Stay active by coming to meetings, participating in shows, and helping out with events!
Proposed events: Viper Thespian Day with CRMS and VHS, Jr Thespian Day with the other LISD middle schools, a one-act play, Trick or Treat so Kids Can Eat, game days, field trips, and more!