Four Points 8th Grade Science
INB and Supplies
It is important for your student to have the necessary supplies to complete all activities and assignments during the day.
Science students will be required to maintain an Interactive Notebook (INB) much like one they will use in their high school science courses.  The requested 5-subject spiral with plastic cover is used for the INB and is expected to be with the student for each science class.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to review the student's INB and discuss the student's reflections on learning during the course of the school year.

An electronic or paper agenda is critical for success in managing class preparation and for high school ready skills.  Please use the calendar link to track assignments and consider the individual teacher's Remind opportunity.  Thank you for partnering with the science teachers to help your student be successful! 
Taking Notes

Make up Work
For LISD make-up work policies, click HERE

Course Organizer
The course overview represents the "big picture" for connecting all that we learn in 8th grade science.  Unit organizers guide the student with key vocabulary and a knowledge map to understand the unit.  The unit organizer as well as the unit matrix and vocabulary are available in the Units of Study.  Click HERE for the course organizer
Science Vocabulary
Each Unit of Study has a link "Additional Unit Information" which contains the vocabulary, definition, and pictures for the unit as well as key study points.
Please also browse the Online Resources, which offers additional web sites and interactive pages to support your student's learning.

Grading Policy
Assessment/Project         90%
Daily/INB/Abstract           10%