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Helpful Reading Lists

Welcome to Vandegrift High School! I am so excited you are here. My name is Allyson Clark, and this is my first year at VHS! I moved this summer from Houston, where I taught and coached and loved every minute. I enjoy every day I spend learning and bonding with young people. I can't wait to get to know you all this year.

My goal is for this website to contain all the information you need to stay plugged in. I do have a good track record of keeping things updated, so please be sure to check in here before emailing me with questions outside of school hours. 

One thing I want to make clear from the get-go: you WILL read and you WILL write every day in my class! That being said, I encourage you to use the links to the side or other resources to start a list of things that YOU personally are interested in reading. Football fan? Peyton Manning has an awesome book. Sci-Fi fanatic? There are LOADS of people publishing new fantasy stories every week. Let's work together to find something that you like!

Other Considerations...
If you wouldn't call yourself someone who enjoys reading, all I ask is that you try. Think outside the box: famous athletes have written books, many of your favorite movies are based on books (and the book is ALWAYS better), and there are books covering all topics. Therefore, if you have a PASSION or an INTEREST, which you all do, there are stories and texts out there that you will get something out of. Come see me if you need help making a selection!