Hello, my name is Elizabeth Garcia. I’m originally from La Puente, California. I moved to Leander, TX ten years ago. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a Minor in Education from St. Edward's University. This will be the fourth year  I teach at Leander High School. I am also currently working on my Masters in Counseling. I decided to teach Spanish because since middle school it has been my favorite subject. I love everything about the culture especially the food, music, and celebrations. I believed that learning another language isn't just about teaching students how to speak it, write it, and read it; it’s about understanding the culture and the people as well.

My goal as a teacher is to make learning another language a fun and engaging journey. I want to be a guide that helps them explore a new culture different from their own. 

1st Period: Spanish 3                                                 5th Period: Spanish 3
2nd Period: Spanish 2 Pre-AP                               6th Period: Spanish 3
3rd Period: Conference                                             7th Period: Conference
4th Period: Spanish 2 Pre-AP                                8th Period: Spanish 2 Pre-AP

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Elizabeth Garcia 
(512)570-1000 Ext. 41144