Welcome to 7th Grade Language Arts with Mr. Krause!
Here are the top 10 things to prepare yourself for Mr. Krause's Language Arts class.

2. You will NEED the following supplies for Mr. Krause's Language Arts class this year:
- At least one composition notebook (those of you with "A" aspirations will want to get 2)
- Pens, Pencils, Pencils and Pens...
- A fully-charged laptop/device
- Post-It Notes

3. Add your ELA class calendar to your Google Calendar.

4. Read and Review the Syllabus with a parent/guardian.

5. Add the "Mr. Krause's ELA Notes" folder to your Google Drive. Once the folder opens, click on the blue "Add to Drive" button in the top right corner.

6. Review what ELA skills you'll be learning/improving this year in 7th Grade by reviewing the ELA Rubrics.

7. How am I being graded? Read over the  ELA Grading Policy and you'll always know!

8. Sign up for Google Classroom using the following codes:
Mr. Krause's ELA Google Classroom Codes:
2nd Period4gh4g8
3rd Period: nfbp3ka
5th Period: 45f5yj
7th Period: gy7pawb
8th Period: f2ocdu8

9. Email Mr. Krause with any questions.

10. Smile.