Welcome to 6th Grade

World Cultures! 

Have you checked out the 6th Grade Social Studies page?  

2017/2018 MLISD Device school year fees: 

Link to EdPay (where you pay online for your device) PAY YOUR MLISD FEE HERE​BEGINNING APRIL 1ST.

All WMS students (and incoming 5th graders) will be able to pay their $70 yearly MLISD fee beginning April 1st. Students who have paid the fee by the computer pick up date below will be able to keep their computers over the summer as a bonus.

Students who have not paid by the pickup date will have their computers collected and stored for the summer by WMS Tech. Students will be required to turn in what was issued to them: the computer, charger and sleeve. The computer should be free of any stickers and vinyls, and should only have the student name label and barcode on the lid. Should the student not turn in the charger, he/she will be assessed a $40.00 fine until the charger is turned in. Students are required to turn in the same Lenovo charger that was issued to them in terms of type. Some chargers get lost or are damaged and replacements will be accepted as long as they are Lenovo brand chargers with the same specs as was originally issued to the student. To purchase a new charger, please see information here: PURCHASING A NEW CHARGER

Computer pick up dates are as follows:

6th Grade-MAY 25th

7th Grade-MAY 24th

8th Grade-MAY 23rd


1. My classroom calendar will keep you up-to-date regarding what we are doing in class, including due dates and upcoming assessments.

2. All resources (presentations, notes, files, links, etc.) can be found in your Google Classroom!  

This year we will be focusing on the geography, history, government, economies, and the various cultures of different regions of the world. We view each culture through a lens of respectful observation and with an open mind. 

Within each unit, we will chart our mastery of each one of our learning targets! This will help our students to take mastery of their learning. 

Parents: Ask your student to show you their Student Learning Matrix. They should be able to articulate how they are doing, where their weaknesses are, AND showcase some of their strengths!   

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