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Corrections Form for daily work, quizzes, and tests.  

The form is a google doc.  You can either print it out and write on it, or you can MAKE A COPY of the form, fill it out, then share it with me.   For the parent signature if you are sharing your doc with me, you can have your parents email me or write a note that they have seen your original grade and you have studied/redone your work.

 Gateway wishlist items:

Scrap booking paper
Plastic CD cases
Thin, small pieces of MDF or wood (no thicker than 1/2 in)
Wooden skewers
Marble tracks
Craft paint
Thread (any color)
Paper Towel or wrapping paper tubes

Good problem solving games

 Fantastic Contraption

  Build a Coaster

 Out of Wind


 Project Ignite
Use class codes to log in:

1st - 9ZIE-QCLA
2nd - R1KQ-EHV1
4th - AOH2-G96X
6th - K1Q0-CFBQ
7th - K3B8-DLMF
 Google Quick Draw

Lure of the Labyrinth
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Password is your student ID