As the *Cox Elementary Specials Team*, we will encourage confidence, creativity, and curiosity while offering an outlet for different skills, which in return, will provide a holistic education for all students on our campus.


Due to PLC, our schedules will be slightly different depending on the week and the day. Please click HERE to see the schedule and where your child will be. Flexibility is key! 

Click on links below for teachers website:

Mrs. Boyd- Performing Arts

All of the specials teachers follow the same discipline system. Students are required to follow these four rules in all specials for their safety:
#1. Listen and follow directions quickly
#2. Be respectful of others and objects. 
#3. Raise hand to speak or stand
#4. Keep your dear teacher happy :) 
Students will be required to sign a "Behavior Book" if a rule is broken. Once their name goes in twice, a classroom level referral will be written and sent home for parent signature. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!