The sole purpose of the Cosmetology program is to give our students an opportunity to get a jump start on their chosen career path. The goal of this program is for the student to be ready to take the State Board Cosmetology Exams in Austin. Once the student passes these exams, they will receive their license and be prepared for immediate employment.  The program is design to provide the basic fundamentals of cosmetology such as, hair cutting, hair coloring, hair styling, manicuring, chemical services, and related skills. Science is also emphasized through cosmetology-specific lessons in health, chemistry, and anatomy. It is a triple-blocked (3 hour) class that meets every other day for two years; therefore, a lot of the information being taught will be on a strict time schedule. Students attendance plays a major role in their success in the Cosmetology program.  Good attendance not only ensures that students complete their 1000-hour requirement but, it also ensure that they are ready for their State Board Exams and they are equipped for the salon world.