October 16, 2017

We're in Third Grade!  
("Upstairs with the big kids!")

This week:

RED RIBBON WEEK - October 23 - October 27, 2017 

Theme:  Your Future is KEY, so stay DRUG FREE!!!!! 

The themes to raise awareness of the benefits of making good choices and avoiding dangerous drugs:

Monday, 10/23/17:  "Don't get TIED up in Drugs".  

                                            Wear NeckTie.

Tuesday, 10/24/17:  "Be 'RED-Y' to make healthy choices".  

                                           Wear RED.

Wednesday, 10/25/17"We are CRAZY about staying Drug Free".  

                                                Crazy Hair Day.

Thursday, 10/26/17"Show your SWAG (Students Who Achieve Goals)".  

                                            Wear College or Career Attire.

Friday, 10/27/17:  "Make good choices, don't get MIXED up in Drugs".  

                                         Wear  MisMatched Clothing.


What we're learning:

         As we approach the end of our first nine weeks, we are continuing to work on our reading strategies, fluency, vocabulary, understanding characters, making and confirming predictions, sequencing events, and justifying our answers from the text.

         Your child is not too old to listen to you read or to read aloud to you.  A few times a week, try to listen to your child for a few minutes during their 25 minutes of reading. Ask questions to confirm their understanding (or yours).  Developing fluency takes practice and more practice!

         A goal for all of third grade this year is identifying and using information found in text features (such as titles, headings, captions, diagrams, labels, bold print, graphs, maps, etc.)  Please look for opportunities to reinforce these skills with your child.

           In writing, we're in the thick of our first personal narrative: "My Biggest Ouch!"  

Most students are currently revising, about to edit, and then publish their papers. Finished products will be proudly displayed in the hall.

    **Daily expectations for Team Miears (beginning 8/29):

            Read for 25 minutes
            Planner signed each day

**Your child is expected to complete each day's homework. Although I do not typically take grades on work done at home, I do document  
1) that assignments have been turned in on Friday and
2) the quality of work done (Is it neat? Complete sentences? etc.)
Please help your child develop the valuable habit of doing all things to the best of their ability.

***Classroom Needs*** 
None at this time, thank you!!!!

Scholastic book orders are a great way to help Team Miears. 
 Every time you order (see tab at the top of this page to order online) I get points that I can use to order books/resources for the class.  Please consider getting a book for your child. 
Thank you.


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