October 21, 2016

We're in Third Grade!  
("Upstairs with the big kids!")

First 9 weeks down.....How did that happen???

Report cards will be going home this Wednesday, Oct. 26.  If you have signed up online, you will not receive a paper copy of your child's report card.

Thank you for contributing to the FundRun.

Next week is Red Ribbon Week.  

Wednesday, October 26:
Early release at 12:00.
The cafeteria will serve a sack lunch. 

DATA binders, with graded work, are sent 
home each Wednesday.  
Please review the work with your child, 
leave it in the binder, 
sign the yellow cover page acknowledging 
that you've seen it, 
and send it back on Thursday.

In class:

We're starting our unit on Communities.
We'll be learning all about how communities operate:
city government, taxes and government services, 
landforms, and elections.

We've covered a LOT of grammar so far this year with our Daily Grammar Practice.  Your child is expected to use these grammar skills in their writings each day.

Writing has focused on personal narratives and friendly letters.  Shortly, we will begin writing procedural ("how-to") texts.

We're learning how to answer comprehension questions in complete sentences and to justify,or prove, the answer in the text.

Any homework turned in without a name will be discarded and 
no credit will be given for the work.  

What we're learning:
    **Daily expectations for Team Miears (beginning 8/29):

            Read for 25 minutes
            Reading Response Monday-Thursday
            3 minute math fact practice 
            Xtramath and Thinkthroughmath (online)
            Planner signed each day

**Your child is expected to complete each day's homework. Although I do not typically take grades on work done at home, I do document  
1) that assignments have been turned in on Friday and
2) the quality of work done (Is it neat? Complete sentences? etc.)
Please help your child develop the valuable habit of doing all things to the best of their ability.

Thank you to the Clausnitzer family for their very generous gift of a much-needed functional
 pencil sharpener!!!

***Classroom Needs*** 
Hand Sanitizer

Scholastic book orders are a great way to help Team Miears. 
 Every time you order (see tab at the top of this page to order online) I get points that I can use to order books/resources for the class.  Order forms were sent home last.  Please consider getting a book for your child. 
Thank you.

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