First off let me welcome you to the site.  My name is Kris Gawriluk and you are probably at this site because either you have me as a teacher or your son/daughter has me as a teacher.

On this site you will be able to access a large variety of items, areas, and materials.  A few things one will be able to find on this site are:

1. Contact information for the teacher

2. Ways for both students and parents to following the happening of this class.

A. A Remind101 account    (for updates from me)

B. A Google Calendar     (Agendas, Homework, tests)

C. An Assignment Log     (Exact same as the one your student has)

3. A way for students whom have lost assignments or been absent to get those needed assignments.

4. Links to sites and places for extra studying and cool facts.

In the end I hope this site is a "Favorited" website for both the students and parents. I look forward to having a great year as we all take this journey through the history of our great country.