Class Rules and Procedures

Grading Policy

80% - major
20% - minor (daily)

** If students are absent on the day an assignment is given, they will receive additional days in accordance with their absences. REMEMBER we live in an age of technology. I post 98% of assignments in GoogleClassroom, GoogleCalendar lists topics of the day with attached assignment resources and students have their own e-mails and are always welcome to e-mail me. There are few excuses that allow for assignments not to be completed on time. 

If they are present for directions and due dates, their due date does not change and they will not receive additional days (within reason - life happens, and will adjust per case). 

Retake Policy

Students can re-take major grades only. They will need to set up an appointment with me and can only receive up to a 75%. I will keep the higher of the two grades; retake vs. original. A re-take must be completed within 5 business days of the day their grade was received. 

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are not allowed at Stiles during the school day. If students bring their phone to class, or have it out in the hallway, it will be collected and left with the front office. 

During lunch Tuesday and Friday. Because of my coaching schedule, I am not always available before or after school. Please make an appointment with me if during lunch Tuesday or Friday does not work.