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Welcome to Freshman MAPS

The MAPS course is designed to combine the development of well-rounded communication skills with tools for academic success, academic and career planning, as well as health and social-emotional well-being. Furthermore, the course will allow students to develop a greater understanding of educational and career opportunities while exploring their interests, aptitude, personality, and learning styles. 

Class Rules:

1.       Come to class prepared and ready to begin each day.

2.       Respect others and their property; this includes using politeness, being cooperative, and refraining from the use of profanity and disruptive behavior.

3.       Be responsible.

4.       Be honest.

5.       Be prepared and on time.

6.       No food or drinks will be allowed in the classroom.

Google Classroom Code

MAPS 3rd Period: i22fu7


Student-Led Parent Conference:

In February/March, each student will conduct a Student-Led Parent Conference with parents and/or invited guests.  During this formal conference, students will present a web-based College and Career portfolio that summarizes their learning and planning for future success.  Conferences will be conducted on the high school campuses and parents will receive RSVP information early in the 2nd semester.  This conference is a time for parents to review and sign their student’s 4-year graduation plan, selected endorsements, and projected courses for next year, as required by House Bill 5.

Attached below is a direct link to our CPHS MAPS website. There you will find more information regarding the course. 


Welcome to Freshman AVID

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination; therefore, it is imperative that students understand they are key to their success in this program.  Because this program has very specific guidelines to help students achieve, the contract and the essentials must be followed.  These essentials are NON-NEGOTIABLE. 

AVID BINDER:  Students will maintain one binder with each subject sectioned off by tab dividers and labeled.  All papers should be dated and arranged in chronological order.  (This includes handouts, tests, etc.)  The binder will be checked for organization, notes & other AVID essentials.  Accommodations will be made for specific subject/teacher requirements after the AVID teacher has contacted the classroom teacher.

OTHER SUPPLIES:  Students are required to have a heavy duty 3 inch binder. All students will need to supply a 4 pack of Expo whiteboard markers.

AGENDA:  Students will need to have an agenda with calendars and places to write down assignments and important events. You must have one.  In the agendas, students must enter assignments every day and also note if there is no homework. 

CORNELL NOTES/LEARNING LOGs:  Students must use Cornell note taking for all classes. Good note taking is essential to academic success. As an AVID student you are making a commitment to solid academic practices. Learning logs are used if class notes are not given and are helpful to note what was learned in class that day.  These are especially important when activities and non-directed teacher centered instruction is given. 

COMMUNITY SERVICE: 6 hours per six weeks. (Students may use hours from church, other school clubs and community organizations) These hours must be signed off by an administrator who is heading the community service.

AVID CONTRACT:  Each student and parent is required to sign the AVID contract each year.  This contract is online.  This contract outlines the program and requirements.  In addition to the AVID essentials, students are required to exhibit good citizenship, refrain from excessive absences and tardies, maintain at least a C average in every class at all times, and refrain from IN OR OUT OF SCHOOL SUSPENSIONS.


PROBATION/DESELECTION:  The AVID program offers many advantages to the college bound student:  personal tutoring, materials, assistance with college information & careers, study skills writing and SAT skills, etc.  Because of these special efforts for students’ success it is vital that the students give 100% of their abilities.  Students will be placed on probation /deselection for any of the following:

1.        Grades in any class dropping below a C.

2.        Poor conduct or attendance

3.        In school/out of school suspension or LEO placement

4.        Failure to use any AVID essentials and requirements   



Grading Criteria                                      Percentages

Binder/C-Note Checks/Projects                       30%

Teacher Tutorials                                             30%

Professional Communications/WICOR            30%

Community Service                                          10%


COMMUNITY SERVICE Continued:  The community service the students participate in will be kept and used when students begin to apply for 4-year colleges.  It will show great growth in community involvement and, more importantly, it will show our AVID student’s commitment to being a better community leader. 

Grade Scale:

6+ hrs. = 100

5 hrs. = 95

4 hrs. = 90

3-2 hrs.  = 80

1-2 hrs.  = 70

Link to the calendar below.


Google Classroom Codes

AVID 1st Period: infi10i

AVID 5th Period: 4rxn4s

AVID 7th Period: 0dxxi6b

Thank you,

Greg Garcia
Conference Periods: 4th on A Day, 6th on B Day.