Hello Timberwolves! 

I have been at Cedar Park High School for the past 10 years teaching Leadership and PALS classes. I continue to be encouraged & amazed by the young people I have had a privilege of working with, along with an incredibly talented faculty and the supportive community of Cedar Park!  

Born and raised in Austin, I graduated from Westlake High School & went on to pursue my degree in Psychology from the University of Texas. My unique teaching style & 'life coach' approach comes from Summers working as a camp counselor, lessons learned in the restaurant industry and business world, and the past ten years as a certified yoga teacher. As a general thrill-seeker and outdoor enthusiast, I am also the lead Ropes Course facilitator. In my spare time I enjoy travel, a variety of sports & fitness, and live music of all types!

The focus of all classes and programs is to develop and strengthen personal, relational, and professional leadership skills.

It is my passion to work with individuals and groups toward enhancing the quality, purpose, and joy of life!  
Feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns. Thanks!    

Sheri Westbrook,
Apr 21, 2016, 11:21 AM