Welcome to AVID. You are to be commended for CHOOSING to be a part of an exciting, challenging, and rewarding program!! 

Work hard, stay focused, ask questions, TRY TRY TRY.....Never give up and always know we are here to support you in your efforts to succeed in your dreams of reaching AND succeeding in college and beyond!

We are at 327,777 pages. UPDATE - make that 385,000 pages!! How incredible is that?? Remember, you must complete the goal and turn in the form by May 1 to be eligible for the reading trip on May 24!! 

7th graders...it's your turn - Southwestern University - April 13! 

8th graders visit CPHS on Friday, April 7!! Bring your walking shoes and be ready to ask really good questions.

Congratulations to Lucy Walter who put us over the 100,000 page mark in AVID Reads!!!  Way to go Lucy and great job to all those who are reading nightly and logging in the finished books. Keep up the hard work!!!!!

8th Grade - BAYLOR trip is Wednesday, Dec. 7. Don't forget your permission slip and your lunch money - $8. It will be a great trip.We leave for this one at 8:45. Don't miss it!

7th graders!!! Our trip to Baylor is HERE!!! We leave at 9am sharp and will be back by 4pm. Don't forget your $8 for lunch and a JACKET since we will be outside all day. Wednesday, Nov. 30 

Hey 6th grade AVID - Field Trip to Hill Country Science Mill in Johnson City on Friday, October 14. More info is coming soon!! 

STUDY GROUPS - Use this link to get a morning study group pass!

School supply questions?? AVID is going electronic!! The infamous 3 inch binder is being updated. :) This year you will be expected to have an "e-binder" in place of the BIG BINDER! We will organize notes and research electronically along with the hard copy spirals some of your classes will be requiring. The good news is that you will STILL have access to ALL classes at ALL times but the best news is you will have less to carry! :)

AVID Teacher:                                                                          
 Maryalice Herring - 6th, 7th, and 8th grade AVID elective teacher and campus coordinator 

AVID Cedar Park Middle School Site Team:
Sandra Stewart - Principal - sandra.stewart@leanderisd.org
Shona Aberegg - Site Team Member - AP
Tamie Felty - Site Team Member - AP
Amanda Langseth - Site Team Member - AP
Maryalice Herring - AVID Coordinator/Teacher - maryalice.herring@leanderisd.org
Dana Habiger - Site Team Member - Counselor
Kacey Selken - Site Team Member - Counselor
Sara Pressler - Site Team Member - Counselor
Nisa Sharma - Site Team Member - Computer/Yearbook
Floyd Matheny - Site Team Member - SS
Steve Alexis - Site Team Member - SS
Julie Hudson - Site Team Member - SS
Alannah Grande - Site Team Member - ELA
Charlotte Kiser - Site Team Member - ELA
Courtney Long - Site Team Member - APS
Lori Solomon - Site Team Member - Math
Beth Lorenz - Site Team Member - Math
Gina Morgan - Site Team Member - Sci
Jeannette Courtright - Site Team Member - Sci
Adrina Rodriguez - Site Team Member - Leadership
AnneMarie Rovenstine - Site Team Member - ELA

NEW this week!! 7th grade PACE Math study group will begin meeting THIS Thursday, Sept. 1 in room D106 at 8:15am. Be sure to ask for a pass so you can get through the building. 

Reading update: as of 8/20/16 AVID students and teachers have logged in over 47,900 pages of summer reading!!! Way to go guys!! READ ON!!! Can we break 50,000 pages???!!!??? Let's do this!

FINAL TALLY - over 80,000 pages!!! TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!

Grading Policy