Welcome to Mrs. Morris's English Class

Keep Calm and Read On

Keep Calm and Read On!

Hello!  Welcome to my class.  You can find links to my classes on the left side of this page.  Click on the name of the course to see the syllabus and class overview.  Click on the agenda to see to see the daily assignments.  I look forward to teaching and getting to know each and every one of you!  Go Vipers! 

Contact Info:
Email:  carol.morris@leanderisd.org
Phone: 512-570-2300  ext. 42385

1st-AP English 3
3rd-AP English 3 (A Lunch)
4th- English 3
5th- Testing
6th- English 3
7th- AP English 3
8th- Conference

Mornings: 7:45- 8:30
Afternoons: by appointment
PIT tutorials: During the fall  I teaching a PSAT prep class during PIT T-Th.  I will only be available for tutorials during PIT Monday and Friday.  After Oct. 19th,  my PIT is open on a regular basis.  Make sure you sign up in advance.  I will not sign you up for my PIT.
*** Make sure you sign up for PIT tutorials by 10:30 am the day of, otherwise you will not be permitted to attend (or leave) my class for tutorials.

---NOTE---   I do my best to keep major assignments posted on my agenda, but it is up to the student to keep their own record of due dates as well.  If I assign it in class, but it doesn't make it on my calendar, you are still responsible for the work.

Text: @87432c

To: 81010

Turnitin.com class ID's
password: vipers

Class ID

              Class name

13089498         1st pd AP English 2016-17
13089510        3rd pd AP English 2016-17
13089516      4th pd English 3 2016-17
13089527      6th pd English 3 2016-17
13089540          7th pd AP English 2016-17

On-Level Remind 101
Text: @e3d89b
To: 81010

Google Classroom Codes

1st- nbodam
3rd- watmex
4th- y88jjy
6th- dbbqks
7th- mmpv20