Parents/Students - You can get all the information you need from this website for both on level math and PACE math for Ms. McNulty, Ms. Ells, and Mrs. Burke!

Tutorial Informationall afternoon sessions will end no later than 4:45pm. If no students are in the room by 4:15pm, we will not stay looking for them. Morning sessions start at 8:15am and they must have a signed note from either a teacher or parent in order to get upstairs. This prevents students from roaming the hallways before school starts.   Students can also utalize Flight Time during school hours for additional assistance.  Flight Time occurs everyday from 1:53-2:19.  Students need to use the Portal to sign up for Flight each day. 

Monday -

Tuesday - before school with Mrs. Burke, after school with Ms. McNulty

Wednesday - before school with Ms. McNulty

Thursday - before school with Mrs. Burke

Friday - No tutorials!

Contact Information
If you have any questions/concerns/comments please contact us first!!!!! Email is the best way to reach us! We check email and phone during the week regularly, but not during the weekend so please understand that we will respond ASAP on Monday. 

Ilisa.Burke@leanderisd.org -  Personal Website