Welcome to 1st Grade!

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! 
It's Spring!

Students are busy working on publishing a writing pieces for our class book! Students ae very excited about seeing our finished book. One way you can help is to have your child log on to Kidblog at home to write or finish a story.

May 18th

On May 18th, we will have Leadership Night. You are invited to this special night to find out all about ways we are growing as a Leader in Me school and to find out all the wonderful things your child has been working on this year when he/she shares his/her Leadership notebook! Look for more information to be shared about this special night on The Insider and on the Westside webpage.

Annual O'Shaughnessy Tea/Ball

Preparations will soon begin for this special event. I will be in need of a volunteer or volunteers to come in for about an hour every  Friday beginning in May to help students learn proper table manners and to learn how to waltz in preparation for the dancing part of our event. 

Flexible Seating

Thank you for all of the donations that helped to make flexible seating possible! The students are enjoying exploring all the different options available in our classroom. Thank you again!

Just a few reminders:

*Remember to send in a healthy snack every day.
*Be sure to write your child's name in permanent marker on any new jackets, sweaters, etc. This will make it easier for lost items to be returned to the correct child.

*If your child still has his/her yellow Reading folder at home, please remind him/her to put it in the backpack to bring to school.

Let's get ready for a wonderful new year!  :)


Transportaton Changes
Please remember, transportation changes, if needed, need to be made before 1:00 pm each day.

Learning Lab/Specials
Westside is piloting a new class called Learning Lab that is designed to increase core instruction time. Students are able to receive:

*Enrichment and/or intervention lessons
*Read Alouds
*Cooperative group learning
*Grade level skill practice
*Leader in Me lessons
*Learning Lab allows time for enrichment and intervention programs to provide some of their required minutes and allows for these students to have more academic time in their classroom.

In a week a student will attend Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Library, and two Learning Labs on assigned days. With this pilot schedule, students attend P.E. every day for 25 minutes.

Special Areas for Mrs. O's Class
Monday-Learning Lab
Wednesday-Learning Lab
Thursday-Performing Arts
Friday- Art

We will go to the same areas on the same day every week!  :)

As we continue to integrate technology into our curriculum, students will be learning how to log in to Google, so they will have access to my Google Classroom. Google Classroom will be an area for me to post assignments, questions, videos, etc. that will help to enhance our learning. To begin, I will be asking you to log in as a parent to familiarize yourself with what your child will be engaged in doing. The code for my Google Classroom is 3rlnw. Please go to https://classroom.google.com/    to sign in. To help at home, please see the Google Login page to help your child write down his/her Google login to practice, so he/she will eventually be able to log in by himself/herself.

Please remember all volunteers must register through LISD and be  approved before volunteering. Please go to the www.leanderisd.org under the parent/student section to register. 

Parent  Orientation will be held on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 6:00 in the 1st grade neighborhood. We hope to see you there. However, if you are unable to make it, please view the Parent Orientation Presentation above and email with any questions.

Also, don't forget to sign up at Bloomz.net.  Ask me for the class code.

There will be time for a snack every day. If possible, please send something that is healthy and is easy to eat.  Also, please send your child with a labeled water bottle every day.  My procedure is for students to keep their water bottle on their desks, so that it is easily accessible.

If you haven't already done so, please be sure to either log in to Txconnect to fill out forms or log in to update your information. Information about how to do this can be found on the LISD website.

Specials Rotation
Coming soon!

Please be sure to click on the school supplies link to find out what tools will be necessary for 1st grade.