Online Titanic Museum

Branson Titanic Museum


I survived the Titanic- A story of a 12 year old who survived

Onboard the Titanic- Follow passengers who were onboard the Titanic

Titanic Passenger List- Every passenger has an individual biography
and Deckplans of the ship

General Information

Encyclopedia Titanica

 RMS Titanic- Official website of the Titanic

RMS Titanic- Wikipedia

The Titanic Historical Society


Titanic Interactive- History.com

Sinking Animation

 Titanic Today

The Last Mysteries of the Titanic- From the Discovery Channel

Take a Virtual Dive

Exclusive footage of the Titanic
 Iceburg and Submarine Information

Ocean World- Pictures and information about iceburgs

International Ice Patrol for Kids

Submarines- How these machines work underwater and helped to explore the Titanic
 Robert Ballard

Robert Ballard, Ocean Explorer from Discovery Education

Robert Ballard, Wikipedia

Hold a Mock Trial about the Titanic

Treasure Hunt Game- teaches the facts about the Titanic