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Smart Response

SMART Response (formerly called Senteo) is the new fully integrated interactive response system from SMART Technologies combining handheld wireless remotes (clickers), a receiver and powerful assessment software that allows you to create tests and manage, track, and evaluate the results. With SMART Response, you gain accurate and immediate insight into student learning while increasing comprehension, retention and engagement.

Smart Response Video
See it in action!

Pre-Made Smart Response Question Sets

They’re free, correlated to curriculum standards, and cover a variety of topics.

-Searchable by  Grade and Subject
-Save and adapt to fit your needs

Quick Reference Sheet

A step by step outline of how to set up, start and view results of an assessment.

Evaluating your responses

How to place the results into an excel sheet to be placed directly into the green sheet

 Quick Reference

How to create an assessment to use with the smart response clickers

Assessing the Senteo Way

Newsletter that details the Smart Response system and its applications in a classroom

2 Minute Tutorials

SmartTech offers quick 2 minute tutorials on how to use Smart Response