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ProOhio Software Instructions

Pro-Ohio has updated their software that is used with the clickers.  This software must be downloaded to use the turning point clickers.  Here is a step by step guide to do this, if you have any problems getting this to download, send me a work order and I will be down to help you. 

1.       Go to http://www.pro-ohio.com

2.       On the bottom of the page, there is a yellow section called “What’s New” find the section Classroom Clickers Integration

3.       Written in orange is the “installation link”  click on it

4.       A new window will open.  Click on “CCI Application”

5.       A window will pop up.  Click save file.

6.       Find the download and open (if using Firefox)

7.       Click run

8.       A security warning may pop up.  Click “run”

9.       Follow the instructions for the Setup Wizard

10.   This will only take a minute to download


To make a Desktop Shortcut

1.       Click Start

2.       All Programs

3.       Pro Ohio

4.       Right Click on CCI

5.       Click send to Desktop (create shortcut)