Bloom's Taxonomy- Applying Bloom's Digital Resources

How to schedule an event

Common Core Standards and Crosswalk Resources

Video Tutorials, quick start guides, and thorough teacher guides

Curriculum Mapping- Resources for mapping the Common Core Curriculum

Dr. Jean's Cheers-
Many ways to praise a child

E-Mail- How to set up a group to quickly contact a group of people

A Parent's Guide

Florida Center for Reading Research
Complete Lessons for Intervention Reading Lessons

Free Reading-
an open-source resource with ideas and lessons on how to help struggling students learn to read.

Fry Word PowerPoints

Google Apps for Education

Google Sharing-  How to share files, documents, notes, pictures, and movies using Google Docs and Google Sites

Google Tutorials for Teachers-20 Quick Tutorials on using Google including how to create self grading quizzes

Green Sheets- Step-by-Step Guides, Video Tutorials, and Checklists

Houghton Mifflin Reading Resource

InfOhio- The information network for Ohio Schools

iPad Information- Cart Schedules and Preloaded apps, tutorials, and app recommendations

MeeGenius Library- Personalize picture books in seconds with student names.  Books are read highlighting each word.

Mimio Resources- Links to pre-made mimio lessons

ODE Success Site

ODE Success Site- How to Access the ODE Success Site and Take Practice Tests without Logging In

OGT Math Resources

Ohio's Instructional Management System- Search the ODE's model lesson plans for each standard

Ohio Resource Center

Picasa- How to embed a slide show onto your Google Site

Playing to Learn?- View this awesome resource and never look at educational games the same again!

PowerPoint- Stand up comedy about how not to use PowerPoint

Progress Book- High School Comment Code List, Middle School Comment Code List

Pro-Ohio- Instructions on how to download new software to use with Pro-Ohio 2010-2011

Resource Calendar- Schedule of all available technology

Smart Response- Links to tutorials, quick tips, pre-made question sets.

Smart Board 101- Handouts from a past presentation on the Smart Board and Smart Notebook

Text Messages-  How to send a text message from your e-mail account

Twelve Words- Song that explains tricky testing words to help students score better on standardized tests.

Why Can't I Skip My 20 Minutes of Reading Each Night?

Wordle- Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.

YouTube Time Machine- Select a year and you will be able to see a video clip from that year

Zaner Bloser-  Handwriting Resource.  View handwriting paper and type directly onto in proper Zaner-Bloser Font