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This cutaway view of Earth shows where some common rock-forming processes occur. Embedded animations will illustrate the path of a rock moving through the rock cycle.
Rock Types

From the US Geological Survey
National Park Service
Rocks and Minerals

The Burke Museum in a Box

Mineral Matters

 Rock Cycle Song
(Sing to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat")

Has been formed in layers

Often found near water sources

With fossils from decayers

Then there's IGNEOUS rock
Here since Earth was born

Molten Lava, cooled and hardened

That's how it is formed

These two types of rocks
Can also be transformed

With pressure, heat and chemicals

METAMORPHIC they'll become.

( Don't forget to sing this as a "Round"; after all, it is the Rock "Cycle"! )

Who Am I?

Rock Game
Classifying Rocks
From the Jason Project
The Rock Cycle
From the Jason Project

Rock Match
From the Jason Project