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Microbe World
News articles, videos, images and resources

Microbe Zoo

Contains information about Microbes and the habitats where they dwell.

Microbe of the Month
Tales of amazing microbes in curious environments
Meet the Microbes: Size-O-Meter


 Introduction to Bacteria
From the University of Berkeley
Images of Bacteria
From The Ohio State University
Food Detectives
Good food gone bad
 Making Vaccines

 The Virtual Bacteria ID Lab
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
 The Virtual Immunity Lab
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Science Pirates:
Bacteria Song

 Antibiotics Attack


 Stem Eukaryotes
This illustrated site explores the Evolution of Eukaryotes, Eukaryotic Organelles and Prokaryotic Symbionts, Classification of Protists, Protozoa: Single-Celled, Motile Organisms, Algae, Slime Molds.

Although they have a formal name, the protists (Protista) is essentially a miscellaneous collection of all of the eucaryotic organisms that remain after the plants, animals, and fungi are removed.
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 Characteristics of Protists

The Microbe World
 A Virtual Pond Dip
creatures that you may find in a water sample.


 What are Fungi?

Characteristics of Fungi
 The Fungi Kingdom
Common Characteristics of Fungi from the University of Wisconsin

 The Basidiomycetes of the Fungi Kingdom
University of Wisconsin
Attack of the Killer Fungus!
Fun Facts about Fungi

 Explore Lichenland

 Protists and Fungi Game